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Today,there are many proposals to fix Big Tech, but too often, these proposals start from the premise that Big Tech is permanent and there is no need to consider the way new rules would impact potential competitors, because they're already doomed.

Last year's EU Copyright Directive, for example, with its mandate for expensive copyright filters for online services (how expensive? Google spend $100m developing Contentid, a toy version of what the EU rule requires).



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The #GAFAM game plan

1. Build a garden
2. Lure people into the garden
3. Imprison the people inside by building a wall around the garden
4. Gradually destroy the garden and build a shopping mall in its place 🤑

Capitalism: 1
People: 0

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The regulation that ensures you don’t have to change your phone number when you change the provider made it easier for businesses to compete with lower prices. Markets became less "free" but more "open".

Left should move the debate from free vs regulated to free vs open markets.

Nothing reveals the hypocrisy of big businesses like when they beg for government protection from the free market forces they always cite to justify their greed.

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Germany's biggest union calls for 4-day week to save thousands of jobs

Germany's automotive and industrial sectors were already undergoing huge structural changes before the pandemic struck.


Jahah, kuorokin sitten jakautuu koronasyksyn ajaksi pienyhtyeiksi altistumisen rajoittamiseksi.

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Hei kaikki uudet käyttäjät! Voitte kirjoittaa itsestänne esittelyn () niin opimme tuntemaan teidät paremmin.

uspol, lehtilehti 

Lehti-lehti: Mieserikoistoimittajien kesäjuhlilla kuultiin liian monta Kamalaa vitsiä

Jahah, on taas se aika vuodesta, kun saa herätä metsästäjien paukutteluun.

Tilanne vaatii nyt teetä ja pikkuleipiä.

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Critics of Big Tech are often told, “If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.”
Last year, @kashhill tried — really tried — to do just that. It wasn't possible.


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Uusien ilta / Newcomers evening - 13th August | #XR #Finland

Ahdistaako ilmastonmuutos? Toiminta auttaa. Tule mukaan ✊ Kaikenlaisia ihmisiä tarvitaan, ei tarvitse välttämättä tulla pidätetyksi kadulla.

Are you depressed due to climate change? Action helps. Join us ✊ We need all kinds of people. You don't necessarily need to get arrested.

#helsinki #espoo #vantaa #ilmastonmuutos #ilmasto #aktivismi #politiikka


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“We examined more than 15,000 recent popular queries and found that Google devoted 41 percent of the first page of search results on mobile devices to its own properties and what it calls ‘direct answers,’ which are populated with information copied from other sources, sometimes without their knowledge or consent.”


Sähköpostin tuunaus, osa n:
Tuntemattomilta lähettäjiltä tulevat mailit voi filtteröidä sekundainboxiin, niin pääinboxiin jää laadukkaampaa tavaraa.

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Climate Emergency Europe! FridaysForFuture letter to EU-Leaders

Have you signed this yet? If not, please do, and most importantly share it to your friends and colleagues!


#climatechange #climatebreakdown

Elämää koirien kanssa. Mitähän herkkua pakasterasiassa oli ollut.

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There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science


Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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Ah, loma. Ja käly nappasi vahingossa mukaansa mun älypuhelimen laturin.

Jos kesäyö, jona lämpötila ei laske alle 20 asteen, on trooppinen yö... onko kesäyö, jona lämpötila laskee alle 10 asteen, subarktinen kesäyö?

Puhelin hajosi, puheeni ei kuulu toiseen päähän. Taas tulee miettineeksi, mihin älypuhelinta todella tarvitaan.

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