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Hei uudet mastodontin käyttäjät! Jos kaipaatte seurattavia, kannattaa vilkaista ketä seuraan tällä tilillä. Seuraan paljon suomeksi/Suomesta tuuttailevia muilta instansseilta. sai tarjouksen sponsoroidusta sisällöstä. 🤦

This was a real scummy thing for Nintendo to do (even though they have done worse in the past). Nintendo Switch users need to read this.

will cryptocurrency eventually be understood as a religious ritual in which electricity and computer hardware are sacrificed to capitalism in the hopes of personal riches

Loin itselleni myös vahingossa XMPP-tunnuksen. Kukaan ei vain taida käyttää sitä.

Tibetan woman holding flowers, only they're not flowers they're cryptocurrency mining PSUs.

(Via Reddit)

Perustin Friendica-palvelimen. Käytin siihen osoitetta, joka minulla oli jo valmiina. Siinä osoitteessa on joskus ollut Mastodon-palvelin, joten nyt Mastodon ei osaa erotella uutta palvelinta vanhasta. 🤦‍♀️

all video games are unrealistic because following the rules makes you win

"A third pillar of extremist thought we regularly find in Bitcoin circles is less specific to Bitcoin but more endemic in the digital world among cypherpunks, crypto-anarchists, and other advocates of nebulous digital causes like “internet freedom.” This is the presumption that computer-based expertise trumps that of all other forms of expertise, sometimes because everything in the world is ultimately reducible to computational processes (a view sometimes known as computationalism; see Golumbia 2009). This computer-centric point of view is extremely common throughout digital culture, and it is especially notable in Bitcoin discussions. The implication is that this lack of technical expertise disqualifies the critic from speaking on the topic at all."

-- "Politics of Bitcoin"

former Spotify exec said the quiet part out loud at a music conference last week

Luonnontuhontarikokselle kansainvälisen oikeusoppineiden työryhmän määritelmä. Epävirallinen suomennos julkaistu Ekosäätiön sivuilla:……

i got my hands on an old east german arabic typewriter and ive been taking it for a spin! the thing is pretty wild. missing some obscure but important letters, representing some letters up to four different times to accommodate for the cursive nature of the script. the typeface is spartan but fine. it has a certain charm to it. i dont have a project in mind, just noodling for now.

A webinar by two green MEPs on surveillance capitalism tonight:
Europe Calling “Surveillance capitalism” with Shoshana Zuboff & Max Schrems – Monday, 28/6/2021, 7:30pm CEST

Topical, as the EU is in the process of crafting laws for digital services and digital markets.

:drake_dislike: Hope you're doing well
:drake_like: Hope you're coming out of your well to shame mankind

If we stopped all other carbon emissions today, Bitcoin emissions alone would blast past the 2°C target. Other cryptocurrencies add another 50%. You cannot support both Bitcoin and reducing emissions without massive cognitive dissonance.

Helsingissä on viimeisen viikon aikana osoitettu mieltä, koska tällainen tulevaisuus on edessä.

it is the year 2121. at the olypmic game, archers are competing in a race to be the fastest to install arch linux.

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