Teachers, stop showing YouTube videos and other corporate internet content on classrooms if you don't have effective adblockers in use.

Students shouldn't be force-fed ads during class.

@Stoori Fun fact: showing YouTube videos in class is illegal in Finland.

@jonne !!!

...but is it legal in universities? Or why then we're always shown youtube videos in lectures?

@Stoori Correction: it's illegal in most cases. Including in universities. This is due to the mismatch between US and Finnish copyright systems.

@jonne okay, time to point this out for our lecturers.

do you happen to have the exact lainkohta at hand?

@Stoori it's basically the copyrighted law. It goes like this: YouTube default licence relies on fair use for most uses, but Finland doesn't have fair use in copyright law. Nobody thinks to specify that you can use their videos for teaching, because that's covered by fair use – right? So unless they use a licence that allows use in classroom, you can't use their videos.


@Stoori The law is kinda stupid, but if it helps people stop showing YouTube videos during lectures, I'm all for it.

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