How do I «advertise» my Firefox extension? The old (last update 2 years ago) Tab Center Redux still has 6 thousands users while my very much improved and updated Tab Center Reborn has only 6 hundred users.

– Tab Center Reborn:
– Tab Center Redux:
– A lot of bugs of TCRx that I fixed on TCRn:

Maksaako ns. normi käyttäjälle vaivaa vaihtaa pois ja tilalle ? Muita etuja kuin kivemmat teemat?

@brandon The international standard format defined by ISO 8601already solves this. if people don't want international standards then they can go and live on another planet, preferably one without oxygen

🎉 Thank you to everybody who voted for #Nextcloud in the @cloudinsiderde award 2020! We are proud that we got first place 🥇

We appreciate your support and thank you for your trust! 🙇 🤗💝

Hoplaa! Mitäköhän hurlumheitä tästäkin tulee? 🤔😀


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